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The Fight – Martin Flanagan | Tom Uren

The Fight - Tom Uren

This book is an answer to the despair of Mark Latham’s Diaries. Tom Uren is a child of the Great Depression whose politics were forged by his experience of the Burma Railway where he served under Weary Dunlop and saw how engendering a collective spirit saved lives.

From 1976-77, Tom Uren was deputy leader of the Australian Labor Party. He was Labor’s first environment spokesman, is a long-time activist for world peace and in 1998 was voted a National Living Treasure. “The Fight” is an intimate but unsparing portrait of Uren by author and journalist Martin Flanagan. It is also Uren’s view of the spirit that needs to be re-awakened for Australia to move forward in a balanced and positive way.

“Tom Uren, who I think is one of the most magnificent living beings on the face of the planet, of not just Australian but global citizens, and one who has certainly inspired me right back to the days of Lake Pedder. He is quite remarkable in that he has gone through a long life of service to Australia, to the people, including a long life of politics, at the end of that, such a remarkably wonderful human being. It is as if he was not tainted in the way that so many of us who end up in politics can be.”

- Senator Bob Brown

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