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From Little Things Big Things Grow

Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody’s remarkable song, From Little Things Big Things Grow is the anthem of the land rights movement in Australia, telling the story of the proud Gurindji people and their stand against the might of the cattle baron, Lord Vestey.

From Little Things Big Things Grow is now a book for all ages. Queensland artist Peter Hudson and the kids from Gurindji country illustrate the inspirational story immortalised by Paul Kelly & Kev Carmody in the song that moved a generation.

Published by One Day Hill and Affirm Press, From Little Things Big Things Grow is a not-for-profit project established to raise funds for cultural and heritage projects for the Gurindji people. There is a plan to build an art room where the community elders can paint, guiding the children in the traditional art form and the stories of the dreamtime.

From Little Things Big Things Grow is the story of the 1966 walk off by the Gurindji from Vestey’s Wave Hill cattle station in the Northern Territory. What began as a strike over wages and conditions ended as a battle for land rights that pre-dated Mabo.

In the first months following the beginning of the strike, the Gurindji moved camp to Wattie Creek, in the heart of their traditional land and waited. They knew they had right on their side and would win out. They just had to be patient. In August 1975, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam arrived and poured the sand into old Vincent’s hand, symbolising the return of their land to the Gurindji, the traditional owners.

Today 700 Gurindji live in the towns of Daguragu, on the banks of Wattie Creek and Kalkarinji, formerly known as Wave Hill.

By buying a copy of From Little Things Big Things Grow you will be helping these proud people keep their culture alive so future generations, the descendants of the strikers know their important place in history.

The money raised will be channeled to the community by Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth. The Foundation empowers children, improving their education and health from the youngest age. Through the Literacy Backpack Project in remote Aboriginal communities, the Foundation aims to help all Australian children read and enjoy their own stories.

From Little Things Big Things Grow is available at good bookshops everywhere for $19.95.


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