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From Little Things Big Things Grow (East Timor) – COMING SOON!

The story of an East Timorese primary school

We’re delighted to announce that From Little Things Big Things Grow (East Timor) will be available in the next few months.

The class five and six children of the Edmund Rice Primary School in Deleco, Timor Leste, tell the story of their school, from small beginnings, with problems along the way, to big things in a small mountain village. This East Timorese version of the well known Australian song “From Little Things Big Things Grow”, depicts the strength, resilience and hope held within the hearts of the Timorese, and especially within the children.

Watch our page for more information, and check out the Little East Timor website to read about the school and people behind the book.


This story is set in 1846 and is the story of a young Tom Wills, written through his eyes when he lived near the Gariwerd Grampians near the Djab Wurrung tribe. Tom Wills was one of the most important Australian sportsmen of his time. Born near Canberra in 1836, he moved with his pastoralist parents to the Western District of Victoria to a place called Moyston in the Gariwerd Grampians. The Gariwerd Grampians were the home of the indigenous tribe called the Djab Wurrung. Tom befriended the local children and mingled among the tribe. To their delight Tom learnt to speak their language fl uently. And of course, he learnt to play and love Marn-grook football. “Kick it to me!”, a cry heard through generations, from the red dust of the outback to the asphalt schoolyards of the inner city, to the hallowed turf of the MCG on Grand Final day, transports us to another time and place but resonates to this very day, where the game is all that matters and having a kick with your mates is the most important thing in the world. Kick It To Me by Neridah McMullin fi lls a void that has long existed.  –  Eddie McGuire