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From the Iconic Australian song written by Neil Murray comes an exciting and inspirational story for children of all ages. Every page is bursting with colour to depict the song lyrics as seen by the paintings of school children of the Kintore and Galiwinku communities. Neil Murray travelled back to these places that inspired his beautiful song with renowned Queensland artist, Peter Hudson.

Peter’s artwork graces the book with his stunning landscapes Says writer Martin Flanagan ‘Aboriginal people sing “My Island Home” like it’s theirs. White people sing it like it’s theirs. People in Australia who have come from other countries, other cultures, sing “My Island Home” like it’s theirs. That what makes it such a great song. Everyone who loves Australia can sing it.’

This was the song sung at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics and will become a must have in every Australian home!

A percentage of the profits will be returned to Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth, who have in part funded the project and will auspice the raised funds.



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