Michele Gierck

Michele GierckMichele Gierck is a freelance writer, an author and a public speaker. She is often enthralled by stories, listening to them and telling them, whether orally or in print. And she is not adverse to adventure. In the late 1980s and early 1990s she found herself in El Salvador during that country’s civil war. Yet in spite of the suffering she discovered the extraordinary spirit and resilience of ordinary people and communities. In 1994 she began living in El Salvador. Her first book, 700 Days in El Salvador, based on her experiences in Central America, was published in 2006. Michele’s passion for writing could not be quelled. Michele has been a freelance writer since 2000. She was a regular contributor to Eureka Street magazine for several years, and her features have appeared in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Courier Mail, and a range of magazines.

Michele is also co-author of Peter Kennedy, The Man Who Threatened Rome, published by One Day Hill. “I already knew St Mary’s church in Brisbane well, so I accepted the commission to interview 10 people who had been a part of Peter Kennedy’s congregation. And nine of the 10 still are,” says Michele. Each interview became a chapter in the book.

The interviews allow us to glimpse St Mary’s, as it was, and St Mary’s in Exile, as it is now; a community that welcomes, celebrates and challenges; a community of resistance and grace.

Michele has spoken on radio, given keynote at conferences, to boards, community organisations, schools, business networks and universities. And these days she is also invited to literary events.